FIT Gourmet is a healthy grab and go café, dine-in restaurant and catering provider which was once FIT Lokal (a low calorie restaurant) and Slim GOURMET (a premium healthy catering company).

The name FIT Gourmet was established in 2019, but we have more than 10 years of experience providing healthy meals and catering for medical conditions. 

We sincerely believe that eating well-made nutritious and tasty food can be the most effective way to prevent any sickness, thus making it the best medicine. The Fit Gourmet team, inclusive of experienced chefs and certified nutritionists, is committed to bring you healthy food that tastes good. 

FIT Gourmet is part of the FITCO wellness ecosystem. We uphold the commitment to Live Better and improve quality of life through health and wellness.




As a healthy food provider, FIT Gourmet is committed to ensure the freshness of ingredients, the tastiest food and amazing service. We hope that with these aspects, you can maximize your time and energy to live a more healthy and active life.


To ensure the freshness of your food, the ingredients processed in the FIT Gourmet kitchen is directly served or delivered to you in less than 24 hours.


Our certified nutritionists work together with our experienced chefs to mindfully design and assess the nutritional quality of all our healthy and tasty menus. They also supervise kitchen production and can provide consultations to help customise a meal plan that is most suitable for you to reach your health goals or manage your medical condition.

Exciting Menu Everyday

Our globally inspired menu and different venues ensures that you will have a wide range of tasty and healthy menu options to choose from. Conveniently eat at home/in office with two menus that change daily using Fit Gourmet Catering. The food served in Fit Gourmet Restaurant is also different from the food available at Fit Gourmet Express.